10 reasons why to buy a house in Brooklyn NY

10 reasons why to buy a house in Brooklyn NY

1. The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges

One very good reason for contacting a Brooklyn Real Estate agent for a house to buy in this part of New York is that you would be living within easy reach of two of the greatest historic landmarks in the world; The Brooklyn Bridge and its partner, the Manhattan Bridge. If you have kids, imagine telling them you are taking them to see “DUMBO”. No, not the elephant; it is a fascinating neighborhood of Brooklyn that snugs beneath the two bridges.

2. Fame for Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Now is a good time to start thinking seriously about investing in one of the wide variety of Brooklyn homes. There is a huge Big Apple tourist promotion drive planned for spring this year. Most of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn are getting ready for their entrance onto the promotional calendar of the city agency that promotes tourism in New York.

3. Sleeping Potential Wakes Up

Going back a few years the more mature residents of New York will remember how nobody really wanted to go there. However, since about 2000, the face of Brooklyn Homes has changed dramatically. It has become a tourist destination and now boasts a population of about 2.6 million.

4. Relax and Enjoy Life in Brooklyn

Personality has always been a keyword in Brooklyn, shown by its many small and personalized neighborhoods, tree-lined streets and its particular sense of humor. The generally relaxed attitude towards life of the residents is inspired by the environment and their neighbors. It is this overall lifestyle that makes you want to buy an apartment in Brooklyn.

5. Horse Riding and Great Pizzas

You have a great choice of Brooklyn homes, from the elegant brownstone and exotic sounding “BoCoCa”, to the energy driven Coney Island and Brighton Beach. Different preferences are catered for with well maintained parks, various museums and even horse riding and most important for many, great pizzas!

Education in Brooklyn

Diversity is a major part of living in Brooklyn and if you are looking at investing in Brooklyn Real Estate, education for the kids could be an influencing factor. There is a diverse selection of Elementary and Private schools, colleges, high schools and universities accessible to Brooklyn residents. There are literally thousands of students in the Borough, who are supported with professional programs and continuing education classes.

6. Fun for Everyone in Brooklyn

With chic shops, some great restaurants and plenty of outdoors entertainment Brooklyn provides a balanced, family lifestyle and is also a place for anyone to have fun. Owning one of the Brooklyn homes that meets your particular needs, means you have all-year-round activities for your family and the kids. There are readily available resources for first-time parents; plenty of family outings shops and shows.

7. Brooklyn Homes More than a Residence

With the tourism drives that have been undertaken, the Borough has become an area of New York that has stimulated interest in people, who want to visit and explore it. Accordingly, the potential value of Brooklyn Condos for sale could be seen, not only as a good residential investment, but also one that could be used to swap if you feel like a visit overseas!

8. The Brooklyn Real Estate Advantage

Real Estate prices are rising in this Borough, so if you are thinking of cheap apartments in Brooklyn then you could face becoming involved in a bidding war. With foreign investors playing a significant role, cash, is becoming the big decision maker, so if you want your home in Brooklyn, it could be in your interest to act now!

9. Buying your Spot in Brooklyn

Downtown Brooklyn now offers a wide and varied range of hotels and some days on the Brooklyn Bridge, you can hear languages from most countries across the world. You can be a part of this exciting scenario when you buy a house, or one of the Brooklyn Condos for sale.

10. Famous Institutions

A short distance from Manhattan is an area that is home to institutions such as, the Brooklyn Law School, the Brooklyn Historical Society and Borough Hall, Brooklyn Heights. Whether here or another area in the Borough, rotational upgrading will be announced on a monthly basis; so let your fingers start walking through some Brooklyn Real Estate!

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