The Great Brooklyn Turnaround

The Great Brooklyn Turnaround

Brooklyn Homes Attract Attention

Brooklyn was for many years regarded as the odd borough out when related to New York City.
Manhattan was the place to be, where everything happened and where it was the right place to live.
The Brooklyn homes were just that, places where people lived.
However, this began changing with the brownstone houses and the entrance of the bohemians,
who made Brooklyn today, not only the largest borough of NYC, but against all odds and expectations,
made it an internationally established icon of what Brooklyn homes and “cool” are all about.

From run down properties and neighborhoods, the communities of Brooklyn helped turn places such as,
DUMBO, Park Slope and Williamsburg into Brooklyn real estate that attracts hoards of young and those young at heart buyers,
like moths to a flame. The Brooklyn homes offer not only a good investment potential,
but a unique and quaint attractiveness with the incentive of affordability and value for your money.
Even in powerhouse Manhattan, the lifestyle and property prices are causing many to look across the East River and the changes that have occurred.

Glamour and some Glitz

Not too many years ago, who would ever have thought that these two words would be connected to Brooklyn?
But, it happened and is going to keep improving because of that now magic word, gentrification.
The outdoor cafes and the bicycle lanes have appeared, with the new styles of homes and the people who live in them.
This is Brooklyn on the surge of renovation and development. It is also generating and motivating buyers for the Brooklyn homes for sale!

Brooklyn the most populated and largest borough of New York City remains and is proud of its inherent diversity.
It is this combination of people and their cultures that make Brooklyn different to anywhere else.
The general signs of gentrification are displayed in various areas like Red Hook and Bedford-Stuyvesant having combined lifestyles.

Brooklyn Homes Motivate Development

However, noticeable are the affects of the development and renovation created by gentrification,
which are clearly visible in certain areas; education, income and improved living standards shown by the condition of Brooklyn homes.
In surveyed communities, for example Carroll gardens and Park Slope, researchers have found that that the incomes of many households have increased significantly in the various brackets.

Other areas of research indicate that with regard to education in areas such as Williamsburg and Greenpoint,
the number of residents with graduate degrees, quadrupled. Brooklyn is maintaining important change, contributed to by the attitude and traditional Brooklyn temperament.
This is the type of situation that is stimulating many outsiders to view Brooklyn as the trendy place to be and look for Brooklyn apartments for rent.

The New and the Traditional

Although the borough has experienced much in its long and sometimes dramatic history,
it has always retained its self belief.
The new trendy and dynamic image with the influx of new and ambitious residents into Brooklyn homes
has motivated Brooklyn residents into the traditional taking care of themselves, their homes and each other.
There are still the long established residents of Brooklyn who prefer their established way of life.

They prefer the available organic vegetables and sustainable farmed grass-fed beef, to the hype of, for example,
Williamsburg. They have adopted lifestyles with houses and apartments that have manicured lawns.
Crowded sidewalk cafes are not on their menus; instead it is quiet, suburban residential living in established Brooklyn homes.

To them the cultures of the celebrities, top chefs and writers is another world.
But surly, this is and has always been what living in the borough called Brooklyn is all about; diversity!

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