How a Steamship Changed – Brooklyn Real Estate

How a Steamship Changed – Brooklyn Real Estate

The Brooklyn Bridge Transformation

For anyone who has visited Brooklyn, formerly the Dutch named Breuklelen (broken land), it’s an unforgettable experience.
For those who have not yet had that pleasure, it is something to look forward to, especially if you are going exploring and viewing some of the Brooklyn real estate on offer! A steamship service owned by a Robert Fulton helped change the course of history for this Borough in the early 1800’s, when it started crossing the East River. However, the true transformation of Brooklyn and the dramatic development of Brooklyn real estate occurred on May 24, 1883 when the world famous landmark, the Brooklyn Bridge was opened.

Looking at Brooklyn Real Estate for Sale or Rent

Generally, the main areas of interest for those interested in comparing Brooklyn homes for sale, or visitors wanting to view the different areas of the Borough are the Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens or Cobble Slope.
Then, they should include Brooklyn real estate in Park Slope and Downtown Brooklyn! This Borough is one of the most populated and multicultural areas of New York, with one out of three citizens of the city being proud to be from Brooklyn.

Brooklyn was incorporated into New York City by the turn of 1900 following the development spread of Brooklyn homes that were needed to meet the demands of the higher commercialized Manhattan area.
Brooklyn is on the South-west point of Long Island and is confined by the bigger borough of Queens to the north and east. On the south side, is the Atlantic Ocean, with Manhattan to the west across the East River!

Brooklyn Real Estate from the Subway

Brooklyn and its subway have been portrayed many times in the movies, like its almost surreal Bridge.
This gritty, sometimes abrasive and characteristic Brooklyn real estate that is part of New York is arguably one of its most interesting and greatest assets.

Travelling around the City on the sub-way is another never-to-be-forgotten experience and is a great way of seeing and getting an idea of the various types of Brooklyn apartments for sale or rent.
Most of the subways that go through Broadway travel east to west, with some of them in Brooklyn running at roof level.
For an unforgettable rooftop journey, take the line that goes from Manhattan to Broadway Junction, or the train that runs along the seashore.

New York History without the Skyscrapers

Brooklyn is steeped in historic memories and a good place to begin seeing some differences in Brooklyn real estate, as in the 50 blocks occupied by Brooklyn Heights near the East River.
Do not expect to see any amazing skyscrapers reaching and going beyond the clouds, because in Brooklyn, there aren’t any! The only possible exception is located at the junction of Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues. It is the impressive, former Williamsburg Savings Bank, now a branch office for a well known modern bank. Apart from this, Brooklyn is a low-rise area.

A Touch of Central Park in Brooklyn

Central Park in New York is also recognized all over the world and is another area of this great City that has featured in so many movies.
The same designers of Central park and Golden Gate Park also designed Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

It is believed by many when making a comparison that Prospect Park in Brooklyn was created with more drama and inspiration than their Manhattan venture on the other side of the East River. Within easy distance of the park is the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, which if you have been busy looking at Brooklyn real estate to buy or rent, makes for an interesting and relaxing excursion.

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