Choosing a Moving Company in New York

Choosing a Moving Company in New York

So, you’ve found a new place to live and you are about to get moving. It doesn’t matter if you are moving for the first time or if you’ve moved 10 times in the last decade, you still have to find a moving company to help you complete the big move. Choosing a moving company is an important decision, which will determine whether you will have a fresh new start on your moving day or you will be left stressed, annoyed possibly broke, and calling your friends last minute to see if they know somebody with a truck that is available to help.
If you are moving to New York City you are probably looking for a local moving company. Not surprisingly, there are lots of moving companies in New York. So how can you find the best moving company for your big move to the Big Apple?
First, don’t look for the best moving company in New York; different movers may have different priorities and preferences, so it is important that you look for a moving company that meets your specific needs and budget.
These tips can help you:
1) Recognize your specific needs. To know which moving company answers your specific needs, you should first know what your needs are. Are you looking for packing and moving services, or will you be packing yourself? If so, will you need packing supplies? Also, do you have delicate/important furniture that requires a careful treatment or other special needs? If you have read some of our other blogs then you know what is coming next… MAKE A LIST! Prepare your list of requirements before talking with the moving companies that way you are fully prepared to find the moving company that can meet your needs.
2) Ask Around. Consult with your friends and acquaintances about their moving experiences in New York. Even if they haven’t moved lately, maybe their friends have. They can share with you their personal experiences with whichever company it was that they used. Once you’ve gathered a few names of recommended moving companies you can go on and take a more in-depth and educated look at each of the companies suggested to you.
3) Compare different moving companies. The next step is to start interviewing the possible candidates. Ask them about their prior experience, their availability, and their familiarity with both the pick-up and the drop-off areas; figure out if they have had any insurance issues in case of damages and breakages. Ask them about their familiarity with some of the more unique, precious and exotic pieces of furniture that you need moving to better gauge their company. Finally, ask about the quote and the final cost including deposits, possible penalties (on both sides), gas charge, and possible extra fees that might inflate the original quote.
Based on the data, combined with your instincts and external conditions such as availability, choose the best moving company suitable for your needs. Now, don’t be surprised if you cannot find a moving company that is perfect for you. Many times people chose to move their own furniture as opposed to hiring a moving company. Why would somebody want to move their own things? For many reasons such as it is too costly to hire a company, they don’t feel comfortable with strangers packing/touching their property or they just have a bunch of really big guy friends with a truck or two and are willing to help in exchange for some pizza. Just don’t feel weird if you decide to move your belongings yourself. You’re not the only one.
Whatever you decide to do, do it with a level head and with all the data that you can compile to make the right choice for you and your family when moving. If you choose wisely, you are guaranteed to experience a pleasant moving day.

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