Stop Foreclosure Now Without Ruining Your Future

Stop Foreclosure Now Without Ruining Your Future

No one wants to deal with the hassle, headache, and humiliation that a foreclosure can create.
The problem is it is can be difficult to see all of the options available once the process begins.
Fortunately, you can stop foreclosure now without ruining your future.
The key is following a proven strategy that can minimize the damage a foreclosure causes.
One of the most effective ways to stop foreclosure now is by contacting a short sale real estate agent.

Stop Foreclosure Now to Avoid Public Humiliation

Losing your home is a tragic experience in and of itself.
To make matters even worse, you are forced to suffer through the humiliation of everyone knowing you are going to lose your house and get nothing in return. Plus, after your lose your home it is nearly impossible to buy another home for five to seven years and your credit score will be destroyed.

A Short Sale Gives You Leverage to Negotiate a Deficiency Waiver

If you have already tried negotiating with your lender to avoid foreclosure but not had any success, the next best option is finding a short sale opportunity.
A short sale not only gives you a way to stop the foreclosure process immediately, but it gives you an opportunity to gain control over the situation. When looking for a short sale opportunity in Brooklyn it is essential that you choose a real estate agent that has extensive experience with this process.
A short sale is not only about finding a buyer, but convincing your lender to accept the offer even though it will less than your remaining loan balance.

You Can Stop Foreclosure Now Without Destroying Your Credit

Another benefit of a short sale NY is that it helps preserve your credit.
While your credit score may still drop 50 to 100 points, this is nothing compared to the damage a foreclosure will cause.
Foreclosures can cripple your credit score by dropping it several hundred points.
Plus, it will remain on your credit report for seven years which can make getting a loan for anything more difficult.

Save Time and Eliminate Stress with a Short Sale

A final benefit of taking advantage of the short sale opportunity is it saves you a lot of time and cuts down on your stress.
Depending on what you do, the foreclosure process can take more than a year.
In fact, some foreclosures have taken several years to complete.
On the other hand, a short sale can be completed within a matter of months if not less.
The overall process is fairly straightforward.
You find someone to purchase your home on a short sale and you get your lender to accept the offer.

Take Proactive Steps to Stop Foreclosure Now

The easiest way to take proactive steps to move along the short sale process is to find a real estate company with experience.
They often already know who will likely buy your property.
There are several popular companies which will be willing to make an offer.
A majority of the advertisements that you see which exclaim “we buy any house” is likely looking for short sale opportunities.
They are ready to act quickly.
Once you contact them, they will answer any questions you have and set an appointment to assess the value of your home.
Once this has been completed, they will make an offer.
Sometimes they will even make an offer to your lender for you.

Stop foreclosure now by starting the short sale process.
An experienced real estate agent or short sale company will be able to answer all of your questions. This can save you time, money, stress, and the humiliation of going through the long, arduous foreclosure process.

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