What makes a neighborhood an intriguing and safe place to live?

What makes a neighborhood an intriguing and safe place to live?

What makes a neighborhood an intriguing and safe place to live? Prospective buyers have been asking themselves this for years. What factors into your decision of where you want to spend the next however many years? What are the differences between a good neighborhood and a not so good neighborhood?
When venturing out from the familiar to look at potential neighborhoods to move to, one wants to look at the general appearance of the neighborhood. Is there garbage strewn all through the streets? Do the facades of the buildings look as though the property owners take pride in their homes, or does it look a little run down? Is the paint chipping from the houses?
Perhaps you are moving your family to a new neighborhood and you have kids to think about where they are going to be receiving their education. When choosing a school district to move into you want to look at the district’s scores on their Regent tests, State Aptitude Tests and graduation rates. Also, a vital factor is how far the school is from your potential new home. The distance from the door of your home to the doors at school will determine the best and more importantly safest form of transportation to get your child or children to and from school. It goes without saying that the closer the school is the better it is for your children, and your pocketbook. Public transportation can be too dangerous for younger children, and driving them to and fro can be a hit to your gas tank, but you have to decide what works best for your family.
What surrounds your home? Are the homes and yards well maintained? Are the stores fronts maintained or are there bars on all the windows? To some, bars on the windows of the homes and storefronts suggest that the neighborhood might have an issue with crimes such as burglary and theft. Is there trash littering the scenery of the area?
When it comes to moving to a new neighborhood, one of the most important factors is the people. Now, by this I am most certainly not speaking the nationalities of the people in the community. More are people hanging out on corners; do they look as though they take care of themselves? Is the area more of a blue collar community or a white color community?
If looking for an apartment for rent in Brooklyn, What else are you looking for? Do you want the convenience of stores in walking distance or extra-curricular activities? If you’re an outdoor lover, are there parks and recreation areas in area? Maybe you are a culinary enthusiast. Is there a wealth of different restaurants to choose from?
Brooklyn Homes in good neighborhoods
Windsor Terrace is a neighborhood located in Brooklyn that is deemed one of the better places to live due to its many parks and the nice looking homes that litter the streets.
Red hook is another neighborhood, and is considered another good neighborhood to live in due to the great cuisine that adds to the character of the neighborhood.
Bushwick a more modern neighborhood in Brooklyn makes a great neighborhood to live in because the rent is reasonable and the neighbors all seem decent. This neighborhood offers a great variety of nightlife activities such as popular bars and good restaurants. This neighborhood is well lite and has stores and bars in walking distance from most of the housing.
Brooklyn Heights, an older neighborhood is a great place to live if you have money and like a quieter surrounding. The houses are large and Victorian style and architecture is everywhere. If you are looking for history this is a great neighborhood. However, it isn’t known for great food or nightlife activities.
Williamsburg, a culturally diverse neighborhood is known for cheap rent and a variety of cultures. Here you can find Greek, Hispanic, and a wide variety of other ethnicity’s, as well as the best food you can eat. With so many different cultures it is easy to find any type of food you are looking for. The only downfall with this neighborhood is that the Brooklyn real estate is small and the vegetation is scarce
South Brooklyn is a large neighborhood that connects a bunch of other smaller neighborhoods through subways and trains. This large part of Brooklyn has a great nightlife scene including bars, venues, and restaurants that are open all night. There are gardens and a bunch of grassy areas that house flower beds and vegetation of all sorts.

Living in the City
Brooklyn homes are easy to find. The city is so large that you can find a house or an apartment in any neighborhood that you choose. As in most cities, there are good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods. Whatever neighborhood you decide to live in just make sure that it is safe for you and your family and that it meets your lifestyle needs.

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